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The study site is the sub catchment of Tetves, which is a priority area from the point of water protection, because it belongs to the catchment of Lake Balaton. The size of the study site is 68 km2. 49% of the total catchment area is forest, 39% is arable land, 1% orchards, 1% vineyard, 1% is grassland and 2% is urban.

The study site is sensible for nutrient and nitrate loss. Extreme weather events, presence of loose parent material and lacking best management practices in some part of the study site increase soil degradation, especially the gully erosion. The water and nutrient management of this small catchment affects water quantity and quality of Lake Balaton. Extreme weather events will increase the environmental and social conflicts in the region.

The most pressing issues recognized in the study site are: revise the aspects considered for the delineation of soil erosion prone areas, wider application of measures that efficiently decrease soil erosion and nutrient load, and implementation of integrated water resources conservation.

OPTAIN project aims to identify effective combination of the NSWRMs and optimize their allocation, in order to improve water and nutrient retention in the soil and the catchments. Emphasis will be put on suitable options to foster the resilience of agricultural production to climate change.


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