The 4th edition of the "Fighting Climate Change with FIWARE" booklet is out!


Climate change and its impact on our environment are nowadays highly worrying subjects that require concrete and adapted actions in order to build the world of tomorrow, where human actions could be in harmony with the environment. As one of the main global crisis of our time, climate change also has a huge impact on our societies, economies and in people daily lives, especially in the most precarious and most exposed regions of the world. 

The FIWARE Community gather various actors, including web entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, students, academia, industry and public sector innovators to keep progressing on various subjects and issues, such as innovation, sustainability, resilience and in this case, the fight against climate change.

For this 4th edition of the "Fighting Climate Change with FIWARE" booklet, FIWARE has involved various international book writers and experts in climate change adaptation. It presents more than 30 different projects providing different smart and ‘off-the-shelf’ disruptive solutions to tackle climate change issues and provide sustainability.

In this context, the Synergy Group DigitalWater2020, including 5 European projects (Aqua3S ; Digital Water City ; Fiware4Water ; NAIADES ; SCORE Water) wrote an article about its purpose, objectives and ambitions to improve climate change resilience ("Fighting Climate Change with FIWARE" – P. 41).


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