OPTAIN Learning Environment to Harbor the Knowledge of NSWRM



Gathering the project’s results, and currently under development, the OPTAIN Leaning Environment (LE) as an on-line platform aims to provide an easy access to Natural Small Water Retention Measures (NSWRM) knowledge in a tailored way to different categories of stakeholders.. The first on-line version will be avaible in the early September 2022. During the first year of the project, the LE development strategy was prepared. It identified the key pillars of the LE (i.e. objectives, the potential users as well as the type of content, see Pic. 1).


 Picture 1 : OPTAIN Learning environment key pillars


The LE development is embedded in a co-design and co-creation process. The project partners participated in meetings and were interviewed to ensure their perception and needs for the LE were properly taken on board.

 On that basis, a first on-line (working) version has been developed to present the structure of the LE. The home page proposes 7 main sections, corresponding to the types of content and an additional section dedicated to Media center.

 A training analysis is being developed to identify the needs and capacity of relevant target groups for tailoring the OPTAIN LE to their potential users’ requirements. A second series of interviews is being carried out to engage with potential users within OPTAIN case studies and outside the scope of the project. Therefore, a wide spectrum of needs and expectations can be considered. The LE working version is being used for interviewees to get a first insight on the on-line platform, react on it and suggest new ideas and inputs.


 Author: Natacha Amorsi