The general objectives of OPTAIN are to (i) identify efficient techniques for the retention and reuse of water and nutrients in small agricultural catchments across Continental, Pannonian, and Boreal biogeographical regions of Europe in close cooperation with local actors, and (ii) select NSWRMs at farm and catchment level and optimize their spatial allocation and combination, based on environmental and economic sustainability indicators.

Specific objectives of OPTAIN:

1.   Analysing current and future climate-change-related conflicts in water and nutrient management for a representative set of multi-actor case studies at farm and catchment level, as well as disentangling region specific constraints and opportunities of past, present and novel NSWRM in agriculture and water management.

2.   Delivering an exhaustive catalogue of existing and further potentially relevant NSWRM and tailoring environmental and economic indicators for their (quantitative) assessment.

3.   Analysing ways of data collection to fulfil quantitative and qualitative input data needs of small catchment and farm-scale modelling and developing standardised guidelines for data compilation and storage, especially with respect to climate scenarios.

4.   Setting up, enhancing and applying models to evaluate the environmental and economic sustainability of NSWRM on the farm and catchment level using the comprehensive set of relevant indicators and a standardised, protocol-based modelling approach across all case studies.

5.   Identifying most effective implementation schemes for NSWRM, including their combination and allocation and illustrating trade-offs and synergies among multiple objectives.

6.   Synthesizing project outcomes and formulating general and case study specific recommendations for actors and policy makers and drawing implications of these options for policy and practice.

7.   Building capacity and disseminating the project results using a comprehensive training analysis, an interactive learning environment and a variety of communication formats.