Translation : Latviešu lv

River Dviete Basin: Catchment area – 254 km²; Annual runoff – 0,057 km3; Length – 37 km; Slope of the riverbed – 4 m · km-1 at the upland and 0,2 m · km-1 at the lowland; The Dviete floodplain area is also the Natura-2000 site (5000 ha): Main nature values are the eutrophic floodplain meadows, which provide nesting sites for the corn-crake (Crex crex) and other rare bird species. Local partnership building: Union of the Dviete Valley Municipalities (DSPA) founders are five municipalities (Bebrene, Dviete, Eglaine, Pilskalne and Sedere parishes). Many projects have developed in close cooperation between the Daugavpils University and this NGO.